I’ve recently been on a running journey.  A marathon running journey.  To be fair, this is the third time I’ve embarked upon such a journey yet perhaps the first time I’ve really understood what this journey entails.  And what it entails isn’t all that pretty some days.  5:00 AM runs, 14 miles on the treadmill, 18 snowy miles in sub-zero weather, a single frost bitten ear.  It also entails actually running a 26.2 mile race.  Which is no small undertaking.  But certainly an undertaking worth conquering.

On my first two marathons I didn’t feel that I “conquered” anything.  This time, though, I vow to do it differently.  This time I am committed to running this race well, to not giving up along the course, to breaking that 4 hour marathon mark.  Let’s do this thing!