Ironically, my first travel of the year was a solo trip to Seattle for the weekend.  I went to attend a conference but arrived a day early to take advantage of shopping and city life.  I stayed in a marvelously decadent room at the Hyatt downtown with gorgeous city views.  It was lovely to have a room to myself, a bed to myself, a bathroom to myself.  I slept well and relaxed well.  It was oddly unsettling, however, to have all that space and time to myself.  What does one do when suddenly thrust from a chaotic family life into a peaceful zone with no demands or responsibilities?  Turns out that I shopped and explored, slept in, drank wine in bed while binge watching a series on Netflix and generally enjoyed myself.  But I missed my children and the structure of my daily life more than I anticipated.  I also found myself unfortunately ill with a  GI bug.  There is nothing quite like feeling ill away from home to make one miss home even more.

One of the highlights of my trip was a therapeutic leg massage I scheduled before my arrival.  My legs had been sore and tired from weeks of marathon training.  After an hour in the hands of a trained therapist they were rejuvenated and pain free.  Therapeutic massage will have a place in my running life going forward.

I also enjoyed a relaxed, adult dinner at Staple and Fancy with a good friend from residency.  Such a luxury to catch up and enjoy adult conversation without any interruptions or distractions.

I want to continue to travel solo from time to time and make my peace with taking time for myself and occasionally exploring my life away from my career and family.  But only occasionally.