We are embarking on some rather exciting adventures this year.  I love to travel with my children and have been fortunate enough to enjoy some amazing adventures with them.  Our adventures thus far have taken us everywhere from Mexico to Florida to Hawaii to camping with good friends.  Last year we introduced a new favorite, the Hall Girls’ Hangout, a multi-day affair of mom and daughter camping at the family cabin.  No boys allowed……turns out we can chop wood and start the four-wheeler!

This year the girls will take their first trip overseas.  We will spend three weeks in Paris enjoying the sights and soaking in the Parisian lifestyle.  The girls have been saving their own money for this trip for 5 years.  They are most anxious to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night.  I am most excited for them to experience another country, another way of life, a different way of living.  Travel enhances their world view, gives them a broader perspective and makes them better citizens of the world.

I hope to share some of our broader experiences but also will post tips about restaurants, sights, activities, things that work and things that don’t.  So follow along, we have a few smaller trips planned before we break out our passports this summer.